Position Details: Financial Manager

Location: Willimantic, CT
Openings: 1
Salary Range: TBD


Provide timely, accurate financial information and analysis to support achievement of business objectives

     A. Reports to General Manager
     B. Supervises Accounting Clerk
     C. 24-32 hours/week

     A. Prepare timely, accurate financial reports including but not limited to balance sheets, income statements and cash statements
     B. Work with the General Manager and Operations Manager to create an Operating Budget

     A. Ensure all invoices are checked for accuracy
     B. Ensure that all verified bills are paid on time
     C. Research and correct problem accounts

     A. Work with General Manager and Operations Manager to ensure that all money handling procedures are correct and secure

     A. Process staff payroll to ensure timeliness, accuracy, correct deductions and taxes
     B. Maintain records on accrual and use of PTO
     C. Oversee the Co-op’s Retirement contributions and payments
     D. Research and administer Health Insurance Benefits
     E. Liaison between the Coop and Worker’s Comp Insurance
     F. Liaison between the Coop and Department of Labor

     A. Oversee and assist with data entry and collection as needed
     B. Pay all taxes on time
     C. Reconcile all Bank Accounts
     D. Work with our Accountant to prepare Tax Return/Financial Statements on time
     E. Maintain Depreciation Schedule
     F. File Personal Property Tax Form
     G. Research and make recommendations on all Commercial Insurance Coverage
     H. Update and maintain the Accounting Manual
     I. Attend quarterly inventory
     J. Perform other tasks assigned by General Manager

     A. A degree in Accounting
     B. Knowledge of GAAP
     C. 5 – 10 years of experience at management level
     D. Analytical skills
     E. Knowledge of QuickBooks
     F. Knowledge of Excel
     G. Computer literacy
     H. Organized, pays attention to detail
     I. Regular, predictable attendance
     J. Able to work as part of a team
     K. Willingness and ability to learn and grow to meet the changing requirements of the job

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